Vitt Heating and Cooling is the St Louis leader for providing elite service for Trane HVAC equipment.  Our professional service technicians have a Ph.D in Trane HVAC when it comes installing and repairing Trane air conditioners, Trane furnaces, and Trane heat pumps.  All Vitt technicians are licensed and trained to service both commercial and residential repairs and installs.  If you are in need of service or repair for any Trane HVAC equipment, call Vitt Heating & Cooling today at (314) 351-5580.

Trane Air Conditioner St Louis

Experiencing problems with your Trane air conditioner?  Call Vitt Heating and Cooling today.  All Vitt Heating and Cooling technicians are trained to service and repair every Trane HVAC product for residential homes.  Over three generations serving the St Louis area for all their Trane HVAC needs, Vitt Heating and Cooling have provided top notch service in a timely matter for an affordable price.  Potential AC problems can include:

  • Wiring Failure-  This is very common on many makes and models when it comes to air conditioning units.  If your air conditioner is not properly wired or is experiencing problems, it is very important you call an HVAC tech immediately.  Bad wiring can quickly lead to a possible fire hazard, and can potentially trip your circuit breaker.
  • Outside Fan Not Properly Working-  This is a problem the Vitt technicians witness all too common.  When the outside fan on your unit is not functioning properly, the heat transfer from indoor to outdoor is not flowing.  This can put a tremendous amount of stress on your compressor causing it to overheat and creating damage.
  • Low Levels of Refrigerant- It is important to note that when you are in need of recharging your refrigerant, there is a very good chance you are experiencing a leak.  Refrigerant is the chemical located inside your unit that cools the air that is distributed throughout your home.  When experiencing reduced levels of refrigerant, your air conditioning unit may not be functioning at optimum levels.  It is imperative that you have an HVAC unit evaluate your air conditioner to inspect if it is experiencing any leaks.
  • Frozen Coils- Frozen coils are commonly caused by dirty air filters and low refrigerant.  If you are experiencing low air flow throughout your home, this can be a common indicator that your air coils are frozen.

If you are experiencing any of these scenarios with your Trane air conditioner, give Vitt Heatng and Cooling a call today at (314) 351-5580 or click here to request an appointment online.

Trane Heat Pump St Louis

Vitt technicians commonly work with Trane heat pumps.  A Trane heat pump is very common in homes that do not have access to natural gas or are currently using an all electric system.  Heat pumps are a very common Trane HVAC product.  Some of the most common Trane heat pump models are the XR14, XR15, XV18, and XV20i.  Heat pumps work by extracting warm air from the outside and transporting it inside during the Winter and extracting the warm air inside and transporting it outside in the Summer.  The main benefit to heat pumps are that they can be very efficient when it comes to energy due to your system moving warm air rather than generating it.  Vitt Heating and Cooling services and installs all Trane heat pump models.  If you are in need of any Trane heat pump related service, give Vitt a call today at (314) 351-5580.

Trane Furnace St Louis

For over 60 years, Vitt Heating and Cooling has been servicing all makes and models of furnaces in the St Louis area.  If you are in need of furnace repair or furnace installation of any Trane HVAC furnace model such as the S9V2, XV95, XC95m, XR80, XR95, XC95, XB90, XC80, XV80, XL80, XT80, XR80 or XB80, give Vitt Heating and Cooling a call today at (314) 351-5580.

Trane HVAC St Louis

Trane is a reputable HVAC brand used in many homes over the St Louis area.  Trane has been in business for over 120 years.  Founded in La Crosse, Wisconsin in 1885, Trane HVAC products include furnaces, air conditioners, heat pumps and more.  Vitt Heating and Cooling comfort specialists are highly trained to service all models and Trane HVAC products.  In need of service on your Trane HVAC product?  Give Vitt Heating and Cooling a call today at (314) 351-5580.

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