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St Charles HVAC Trends

St Charles MO and surrounding areas continue to grow at a rapid pace.  Back when Vitt Heating and Cooling was first established, St Charles was mostly farm land.  Today, St Charles County is home to thousands of homes and businesses.  As a premier St Charles HVAC contractor, Vitt Heating and Cooling is dedicated to providing highly skilled St Charles HVAC services to businesses and residents.  Below are some St Charles HVAC trends our technicians have noticed heading into Spring 2017.

What is Changing with St Charles HVAC?

Over the last twenty years, St Charles has transformed from a rural landscape to a thriving suburban area.  This has affected St Charles HVAC options drastically.  

Increases in Infrastructure Are Positively Affecting St Charles HVAC

Spire Energy (Formally Laclede Gas) now offers many St Charles residents accessibility to natural gas.  This has given St Charles homeowners a variety of different options when deciding on the type of furnace or heating system they would like installed in their homes.  Natural gas furnaces provide an extremely affordable source of home heating.  In years past, many areas in St Charles County did not have access to natural gas leaving only electric furnaces, heat pumps, and propane furnaces as the only options for heating and furnace installation.

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St Charles HVAC Contractors Currently Have a Variety of Rebates to Offer Customers

Energy rebates and incentives are extremely important when considering a furnace installation or air conditioning installation.  When you are working with a St Charles HVAC Contractor, make sure to ask them what ameren rebates or manufacturer rebates are currently being offered that you could potentially qualify for.  As a licensed Carrier Installer, our staff and technicians are always up to date on every way to save customers money.  We recommend calling St Charles HVAC companies to find out what savings are available by each brand before making a decision on the type of air conditioning system or furnace you would like installed.

St Charles HVAC Companies Now Offer a Variety of Energy Efficient Heating and Cooling Systems

Energy efficiency has been at the forefront of the St Charles HVAC industry over the last ten years or so.  Because many St Charles homes are larger and built on large plots of land, have a lot of energy efficient options when considering their heating and cooling systems.

Considering a Geothermal System Installation in St Charles?

If your home is currently located on a large plot of land, a geothermal HVAC system installation might make sense.  Larger plots of land are ideal for a geothermal horizontal loop system, which is considered by many in the St Charles HVAC community to be much more efficient than vertical loop geothermal systems.  When comparing horizontal loop vs vertical loop geothermal systems, lot size is generally the determining factor.

Vitt Continues to Deliver the Best St Charles HVAC Service

If you are currently a St Charles MO resident that is in need of quality HVAC service such as furnace repair, heat pump installation, boiler repair, or air duct cleaning, Vitt Heating and Cooling is here to serve your St Charles HVAC needs.  Our Technicians are licensed and trained to service any brand or type of HVAC equipment.  Call us today at (314) 351-5580.

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