replace your air conditioning filter

How to Replace Your Air Conditioning Filter in Four Simple Steps

How to Replace Your Air Conditioning Filter in Four Simple Steps

One of the simplest and most important home air conditioning repairs you can perform is changing the filters. You can hire heating and cooling contractors to perform this home air conditioning repair, but it’s fairly easy to do it yourself.

Your home air conditioning systems can’t operate at full efficiency with clogged filters. When debris begins to pile up against your filter, your air conditioner will have to work harder to pump air out, and you’re likely to see a spike in the cost of your home air conditioning services. Neglecting filter repair can also spread indoor allergens throughout your home.

If you choose to perform this simple home air conditioning repair yourself, here are some steps to follow:

1) Find the Filter in Your Air Conditioning Unit

Even if your air conditioning unit is located outside, you’ll usually find the actual filter in the ductwork inside your home. It may also be inside your furnace unit. Check your owner’s manual to find out where the filters on your specific system are located.

2) Remove the Filter

You can do this by removing any screws that are holding the filter in place, but be sure you place the screws somewhere you can find them again. Some filters may be covered by a metal strip. Exercise caution when removing a filter so you don’t damage anything.

replace your air conditioning filter

3) Find Out What Kind of Filter Your Air Conditioner Uses

You can do this by measuring the outer dimensions of the old filter or looking for any model numbers or identifying marks. If you’re really unsure, take the old filter with you to the store. When you buy a new filter, there are several quality levels you can choose from. The more you pay, the less often you’ll have to replace your filter.

4) Replace the Air Conditioning Filter

Slide the new air filter into the place where your old filter was, and reattach any fasteners or screws. You can usually follow the instructions that come with the filter. Once the filter is secure, put the filter cover or door back on.

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