Servicing air conditioning repairs and AC installations in St Louis City, St Louis County, and St Charles County areas have been a pillar of the Vitt family dating back three generations.

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As a homeowner in the market for a new HVAC system, the last thing you want to deal with is a pushy salesperson trying to hard-sell you on the most expensive equipment.  You want have to worry about that with Vitt.  Our heating & cooling estimators are trained in taking a consulting approach to quoting customers on new HVAC systems.  Our goal is to provide you the homeowner with the information and pricing you need to make the right decision for your home.  Vitt offers free price quotes on all new HVAC systems.  To schedule yours today, call our office at (314) 351-5580 or fill out the form below.

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Equipment We Offer Free Heating and Cooling Estimates For

Vitt offers installation services for a variety of different heating and cooling equipment.  When you schedule a free estimate, expect our comfort equipment estimators to show up on time with the necessary resources to bid the job.  Vitt offers free estimates for almost all types of new heating and cooling systems including:

Air Conditioning Estimate

When conducting a free AC estimate, we always stress the opportunity for savings.  In addition to the outstanding rebates often offered by the energy companies, high efficiency AC units have the highest energy savings upside when compared to low efficiency units.  Our estimators also take a close look at the size of the home, ceiling height and thermostat and sensor locations in order to maximize efficiency of the new AC condenser.  Most of the new high efficiency AC units also come with noise reduction technology, so depending on the location of the outdoor AC condenser, we can often decrease noise while increasing comfort and energy savings.

New Furnace Estimate

One of the first items we check when conducting a furnace estimate is the fuel source of the furnace.  Vitt comfort estimators often help the homeowner weigh the pros and cons of gas vs electric furnaces.  For homes that either currently have a high efficiency air conditioning unit or are having one installed at the same time, we also stress the importance of matching that equipment with a furnace that has a blower motor equip to maximize the efficiency of the system.  Just like air conditioning condensers, many of the new furnaces offer noise reduction technology.  Our team helps educate homeowners on the benefits of newer furnace technology such as modulating motors that can increase comfort and save you money on your energy bills.

Heat Pump Replacement Estimate

When it comes to heat pump estimates, rebates play a huge part of helping customers decrease replacement costs.  Many of the energy companies offer extremely enticing rebates for high efficiency heat pumps.  Our team is constantly educated on the updated rebate information.  We work with homeowners to understand which models qualify for these savings.  Vitt also consults with homeowners about the importance of supplementary heat sources when using heat pumps.  This is largely due to heat pumps sometimes becoming less effective during extremely cold temperatures.  Finding a balance point is crucial to the comfort and energy usage of your home.

New Boiler Estimate

Boilers, just like furnaces, offer multiple heating sources.  Many St Louis homes were built with steam boilers and hot water boilers that still properly function today.  Knowing which type of home boiler system your home currently has can drastically impact the scope of work.  For instance, steam boiler systems tend to be slightly more extensive jobs than water boilers.  Our team thoroughly checks the conditions of your piping.  Steam boilers can often cause those pipes to decay from the inside out over time.  We also have to measure the steam pressure required to maximize the efficiency of a steam boiler system.  One challenge many homes with boilers face, especially in St Louis city, are running flue liners for new high efficiency boilers.  Many of the homes in St Louis city were constructed with small chimneys that can often be difficult to install flue liners.  However, the boiler installation professionals at Vitt have seen it all.  Our installation crews pride themselves in designing and implementing workarounds in these type of situations that will last the test of time and not sacrifice efficiency and comfort in the process.

Mini Split Cost Estimate

Ductless mini splits have recently become increasingly popular as an alternative heating and cooling source for St Louis area homes.  This is largely in part due to design, functionality, installation cost and efficiency.  Many area homeowners rely on ductless heating and cooling systems for segmented parts of their homes such as garages, room additions, finished attics and finished basements.  When proving installation cost estimates for ductless systems, Vitt often looks to install the ductless units on an outside facing wall.  This allows easy access to run power and piping from the outdoor unit.  Some would argue that this can lead to exposed piping, however our team specializes in concealing the piping inside the home.  For jobs requiring the ductless unit to be placed on an inside facing wall, we can run piping and power through existing walls if needed.  We see a lot of home rehab projects where ductless equipment is placed on an inside wall because it is much easier to run power and pipes when a home is stripped to the studs and doesn't require a heating and cooling contractor opening walls up.

Geothermal System Cost Estimate

Of all the types of heating and cooling systems, geothermal hands down takes the cake for the most extensive.  However, geothermal systems are also the most efficiency, and often come with amazing rebates and tax credits.  The major factor in estimating a geothermal installation is surveying the land.  Geothermal heating and cooling systems require drilling wells underground that the air passes through.  These are called "Geothermal loops."  There are two types.  A vertical loop system and a horizontal loop system.  Horizontal geothermal loop systems have a reputation for being slightly more efficient, but also require at least an acre of land depending on the size of the home.  Vertical loop systems do not require as much land due to the drilling of the well being much deeper in depth.