Let’s face it. A whole house humidifier is a product homeowners do not really think about until they have lived in a home that had one installed. Anyone from the St Louis area can tell you how humidity can affect the air. By adding moisture to the air, it can make a ninety degree day feel ten degrees hotter than it is. The same method can and should be used in your home. As moist as the air can be during the Summer months in St Louis, Winter can bring with it abnormally dry air. This is where having a home humidifier comes into play.

What Does a Humidifier Do?

Has the temperature ever felt much colder than what your thermostat reads during the cold months?

This is a common symptom of a home that has low levels of moisture in the air.  Sometimes it won’t matter how long your furnace will blow air.   Your home will continue to feel much colder than your thermostat reads until you fix the moisture in the air.  A humidifier is an indoor air quality product that releases moisture into the air.  They will help your home to help regulate a proper humidity level.  These products are essentially an extension of your air conditioning and furnace system.

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Benefits of a Humidifier

Humidifiers provide a variety of different benefits to an HVAC system ranging from energy savings to preventative health.  Below are some common benefits to having a home humidifier installed in your home:

  1. Adding Moisture to Your Air can Reduce the Risk of Dry Skin-  Who would have thought dry air could produce dry skin?  It sounds like common sense.  But until you have experienced a winter living in a home with a humidifier, it is hard to understand the full scope.
  2. High Humidity in Air can Help Decrease Snoring-  For all of those significant others of those who snore at night, this benefit might be worth having an air humidifier installed all on it’s own.  Snoring is often caused by breathing through your mouth when you sleep at night.  The dryer the air is, the more agitated someone’s throat gets when they breath through their mouth.  When you are continually breathing in air with proper levels of moisture, it helps prevent the tissue located in the back of someone’s mouth to become less agitated.
  3. Reduction of Static Inside Your Home- Leave the static for your dryer.  While static is not a major nuisance, it can be annoying.  Anyone that has lived in a home with dry air throughout the winter will agree.
  4. Alleviate Allergy Symptoms- While adding humidity to air will not treat allergies, they do help lessen the impact of the symptoms.  Softening the tissue in your nasal passage and throat will might help you get back to work within one to two days instead of three.  Humidifiers have also been known to help with the most dreaded condition to known to humans…..the “Man-Cold”.
  5. Lower Your Energy Bills- If you constantly feel cold inside your home despite your thermostat set at seventy five degrees, there is a good chance you are overheating your home to compensate for your comfort.  Adding moisture allows you to remain comfortable without having your furnace cranked up.

Trust the Indoor Air Quality Experts When It Comes to Installing a Whole Home Humidifier

Yes, you can purchase a home humidifier at retail locations.  However before you go to your local Walgreens, CVS, Walmart or shop on Amazon, know this.  Many of the single room humidifiers are essentially putting a band aid on a much larger problem.  Many portable humidifiers do not regulate the amount of moisture they release into the air.  Homeowners are left with humidity levels extremely high in certain parts of their homes.   This can leave the majority of home with dry air.

Vitt Continues to Provide the Best Humidifier Installation in St Louis

Having a professional HVAC installer properly assess your system’s air moisture can transform the air you breath.  If you are interested in having an air comfort specialist provide you with a customized solution on how a humidifier system can best suite your air system, call Vitt Heating and Cooling at (314) 351-5580.  Our technicians are fully trained in installing the latest technology designed to create maximum comfort throughout your indoor ecosystem.

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Vitt is a Proud Retailer of Aprilaire Humidifiers

Aprilaire has been providing solutions to dry air in homes for over 60 years.  From one quality brand to the next, Vitt is proud to install Aprilaire equipment.  Aprilaire offers a variety of models to fit every home.

Aprilaire 600 Series

The Aprilaire 600 Humidifier provides a whole home air dampening solution which increases a homes comfort levels through state of the art humidity control technology.  The 600 series uses your furnace blower to move dampened air through their signature water panel.

Aprilaire Model 600 Specs:

  • Integrated bypass damper
  • Controls humidity levels throughout indoor spaces up to 4,000 square feet
  • Uses an Automatic Digital Humidifier Control to maintain proper humidity levels
  • Performs quitely
  • Evaporation capacity of 0.70 gallons per hour

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