The Hidden Dangers of Space Heaters

The Hidden Dangers of Space Heaters

When the temperature outside begins to drop, many homeowners find themselves reaching for the thermostat to crank up the heat. No matter how high you dial up the furnace, there’s always that one room that suffers from cold spots. It feels impossible to get your whole home up to one comfortable temperature!

If your central heating system isn’t working up to capacity, you might opt for a space heater to warm up a room. Space heaters seem like a good option during those chilly winter months, but there are hidden dangers that many people forget about.

Space Heaters are a Common Source of Supplementary Heat in St Louis Area Homes

Even though nearly 60% of homes are heated with gas furnace systems, many people rely on space heaters for extra warmth. Heating and cooling service experts frown upon space heaters for many reasons.

Space Heaters Pose a Potential Fire Hazard When They Tip Over

The most obvious danger is the potential for a fire. Electrical space heaters can easily topple over if someone accidentally knocks it or trips on a cord. If the space heater is still hot and operating when that happens, it can burn you as it falls. Say the space heater is tipped over and nobody notices: the carpet, your furniture, or any flammable item can easily catch fire and cause irreparable damage.

dangers of space heaters

Dirty Space Heaters Also Pose a Fire Hazard

There is also another risk for fire if the heater is dirty or dusty. Those small dust particles can easily ignite and cause a fire to spread. Even if you think you are being safe, there are still potential risks when using a space heater.

Not Only are Space Heaters More Dangerous, they Waste Money as Well

Space heaters have a tendency to be disposable; you might find yourself re-purchasing one every year if your older units continue to burn out and overheat from over use. If you follow up with occasional furnace repair and maintenance, a furnace, on the other hand, can last for up to 15 years. Don’t take the chance with inefficient, energy-wasting space heaters.

How To Minimize Risk with Space Heaters

The best way to eliminate these risks is to avoid using a space heater all together. If your heating and cooling systems aren’t working properly, don’t rely on a quick, temporary fix that could cause more problems. Make the investment to get your furnace repaired so that your home is heated evenly and comfortably. The furnace repair cost will be exponentially cheaper than the cost of any damage caused by a space heater accident.

Have Questions Regarding Space Heaters or Want to Schedule HVAC Services?

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