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Furnace Replacement Cost Variables

Whether you’re replacing your furnace in an emergency or replacing an old furance, there are a couple decisions that need to be made. By calling and speaking with one of our Vitt technicians, they can help you make these decisions for your home.

First, deciding what fuel to use can determine the cost of your new furnace. Last we’ve seen, heating systems based on power or propane cost the most to operate. Heating oil is somewhat more affordable, and natural gas (if available in your neighborhood) is the least expensive option. Our technicians will have  a better idea on what is available in your neighborhood and can give you more accurate pricing options on the type of fuel.

Next, the size of the furnace and the size of the space it will be heating is important. Having a heating system of an appropriate size will result in efficient operation throughout the whole heating season.

Lastly, the model and make can determine how efficient your furnace will be. We have high efficiency systems available that can pay for themselves in less than two years.

Whether you feel comfortable deciding on these factors or not, our experts at Vitt can tell you the most budget-friendly option. Call us at 314-351-5580 and we can work on getting an efficient furnace model in your home.

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