When contemplating an air conditioning installation or heating installation, ductwork can be a major and often overlooked factor.  This is even more common in areas in and around St Louis City where homes tend to be older and some require installing ductwork.  Vitt Heating & Cooling continues to be a leader in residential ductwork installation throughout the St Louis and St Charles area.  If you are building a room addition, upgrading your HVAC system to central air or simply looking to replace ductwork, trust a company that has been installing air duct systems since 1954.  Our phone number is (314) 351-5580 or contact us online by clicking the “Request Service” tab in the top left corner.

Experienced Residential Ductwork Craftsmanship

When a Vitt Installation team assesses a project that requires installing ductwork, they take pride in knowing their training and experience will help provide our customers with the highest quality performance from their heating and cooling system.  There are literally hundreds of tips, tricks, and problems that arise from each hvac ductwork installation.  Having an experienced HVAC contractor that can navigate that process seamlessly is imperative to the overall quality of the job.  Having built ductwork systems for over three generations, Vitt Heating & Cooling continues to perfect the craft or residential ductwork installation.  If you are considering installing ductwork in an older home or anything related to air duct installation, Vitt Heating & Cooling should be your number one choice.  Give us a call today at (314) 351-5580.


St Louis HVAC Ductwork Installation

In a heating and cooling ecosystem driven by high efficiency, installing ductwork properly an essential variable to the performance of your HVAC system.  Over the years we have worked on many central air conditioning systems that had an air duct system originally installed poorly.  This can lead to many problems over time which will ultimately cost you money in energy costs.  A major downfall to poor air duct installation is after installing it, the air duct is either covered or out of site often leading to long term inefficiency in your heating & cooling system.  This problem is a much more common HVAC repair in St Louis City homes than in newer builds throughout St Louis County and St Charles County.

Poor HVAC Ductwork Installation Can Lead to the Following Problems

Many problems throughout your ductwork are caused by poor craftsmanship when sealing the ducts together or failing to properly insulate the areas surrounding the ducts.  These mistakes can lead to a variety of different problems including:

  • A decrease in airflow throughout your home
  • Overall decrease in your indoor air quality
  • Inefficient performance
  • Mold in ductwork
  • Dust, debris, and allergens accumulating in your vents
  • Increased need to have air duct cleaning performed more frequently
  • Increased demand for air conditioner maintenance

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How to Increase Airflow in Ductwork

So you have recently invested in a new high efficiency ac installation.  As the weather heats up, you become disappointed in the airflow coming out of your vents.  This was a major factor in upgrading your HVAC system in the first place.  Before you pick up the phone and call someone for an ac repair, there might be a different reason you just are not receiving that burst of cold air you paid thousands for with a new system.  Below are some factors that could potentially be keeping the airflow in your duct system from performing at an optimal level.

  1. Open and close your vents based on your personal preference and outside temperatures.  Simple science has always told us that hot air rises and cold air sinks.  In the Summer, close the vents in your basement and downstairs rooms to force the airflow to your upstairs rooms.  Do the opposite in the Winter.
  2. If that does not work we suggest calling a professional to assess the construction of your air duct system.  Friction within your air ducts can cause the airflow to decrease.  A common cause of friction is using a flex duct in too many areas.  Although a flex duct can be convenient due to their ability to stretch, the inside fails to provide a smooth surface for the air to flow freely without friction.
  3. Turbulence can be another leading factor to bad airflow.  Often times, ninety degree elbows throughout your ductwork can lead to improper air flow.  Especially if the elbow is not connected or sealed properly.  This can create an “Air on air” scenario creating turbulence throughout your ductwork system.

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