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Should You Call for Air Conditioner Repair? Four Things to Check Before You Make the Call

Should You Call for Air Conditioner Repair? Four Things to Check Before You Make the Call

Summer is nearly here, and so are those sticky, sun-filled days. However nice they might look, some days are just too hot to be outside. But before you can spend the day inside your nice, cool house, you had better make sure your air conditioner is working properly!

If you turn on your AC and notice that something’s wrong, your immediate instinct may be to call for air conditioner repair. But before you do that, there are five places to start your troubleshooting.

Air Filter

If you know your air filter hasn’t been replaced in a little while, this is definitely a good place to start. HVAC filters should be changed every 90 days or so to prevent costly damage to your unit. If you check it and the filter looks dirty or clogged, then it may simply be time for a new air filter. If you replace the filter and something still seems to be off, you should call your home air conditioning service.

air conditioner repair in chesterfield mo

Circuit Breakers

Sometimes power switches and breakers can be turned off accidentally, so this is one of the first things that you should check. If breakers were recently flipped for another appliance, it’s possible that the heating and cooling systems breakers were flipped by accident. However, a tripped HVAC breaker might be an indication of a larger problem. Calling for home air conditioning repair is a good idea in this case.


Checking the vents, grills, and air ducts for blockages is essential to repairing your air conditioning. Not only that, but any furniture or plants should be moved at least two feet away from vents in home air conditioning systems to ensure the circulation of cool air.

Property Manager or Landlord

If you’re renting your property, our landlord or property manager needs to be contacted before you call anyone else. In the vast majority of cases, technicians will not be able to perform air conditioner repair without first obtaining the owner’s approval.

Who Does Air Duct Cleaning Make the Most Sense For?

You can make the case that anyone with central air systems in their home need to have this service done at least every couple of years.   There are some houses that could use it more than others.  Common factors that can make a household much more in need of ductwork cleaning are:

  • Households with pets living in them
  • Households that have residents that smoke inside
  • Households with small children
  • Households that have anyone with allergies

Schedule Air Conditioner Repair Today

Don’t let your family melt away in the summer heat! Check your air conditioner before you use it for the first time so you know that it’s working. With proper maintenance, it should be serving you for another 12 to 15 years!  If you are in need of home air conditioner repair, call Vitt today at (314) 351-5580.