As the HVAC industry continues to make technological advances in improving the indoor air quality of your home, the functionality of air cleaners have evolved to provide multiple solutions for St Louis and St Charles area homeowners.  There is no better example of this trend than the Air Scrubber Plus by Enviro Professionals.  Vitt Heating and Cooling is proud to offer this cutting edge product to all of our customers.

What is the Air Scrubber Plus?

The Air Scrubber Plus is a multi-purpose air cleaner that attaches to your heating and cooling system to provide your home with cleaner air.  The Air Scrubber Plus does this though a variety of different methods designed to drastically decrease indoor contaminants within your home.

air scrubber plus

Steps the Air Scrubber Plus Takes When Cleaning your St Louis Area Home

  • Cleans Your Air by Reducing Indoor Contaminants- Many St Louis homeowners are aware of contaminants such as dust, mold, and pet hair, but the range and scale of indoor pollutants can be much longer depending on the age and location of your home.  It is quite common for contaminants such as lead, pesticides, asbestos, and radon to find their way inside your home and into the air you and your family breathe everyday.  This technology attacks these contaminants as they filter through the ventilation of your home and eliminates approximately 90%of airborne pollutants and 99% of surface pollutants.
  • Eliminates Unpleasant Odors- Have you ever cooked something inside your home that left a lingering smell for days or sometimes weeks, and no matter what you did, could not seem to eliminate the smell?  The Air Scrubber Plus helps eliminate unwanted indoor odors using photocatalytic technology.  Common unwanted odors such as cigarette smoke, paint fumes, burnt food, mold, and pet odors are significantly reduced as they circulate through your heating and air conditioning system.
  • Protects Your Home From Allergens- Every St Louis resident that experiences symptoms from allergies can relate to the two to six weeks every year when the weather breaks from cool to warm.  This is usually the time when the air in the Midwest becomes infested with dust, mold, and pollen leading to many allergy related symptoms.  Do not let these allergens find their way inside your home causing sneezing, itchy eyes, and overall irritation.  It helps reduce allergen related molecules through a specialized light that attracts and destroys as they pass circulate through the ventilation of your home.
  • Increases the Life of you HVAC System- By isolating dirt, dust, and debris before filtering their way through your furnace, the Air Scrubber Plus can help extend the life of your HVAC system.  St Louis homeowners can find solace in knowing their heating and cooling system is being protected from many contaminants that lead to broken coils and blowers.  It not only cleanses the air you breathe, but can also save you money in avoidable furnace repair for your HVAC equipment.

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Protect Your Home From Indoor Contaminants

Not only does the Air Scrubber plus keep the air in your home clean, it can also help with surface contaminants.  Indoor contaminants enter your home in a variety of different ways.  Throughout our day to day routines, we can be exposed to hundreds of different surface contaminants and airborne contaminants that follow us back into our homes.  The revolutionary NASA technology helps drastically reduce the levels of a variety of harmful contaminants keeping the surfaces and air in your home clean.  Families  can rest assured their children have a much lesser chance of being exposed to harmful contaminants.   Surface contaminants this product is proven to reduce include:

  • Staph
  • E. Coli
  • MRSA
  • Strep
  • Hepatitis A
  • Norovirus
  • H1N1 (Swine Flu)

If You Answer "Yes" to any of the Questions Below, The Air Scrubber Is Right for You

  • Are you a new parent or have school age children in the household?
  • Do you own a pet?
  • Do you or someone in your home experience allergy symptoms?
  • Does the smell of pet odors, burned food, or second hand smoke continually haunt your home?

Vitt Heating and Cooling is an Authorized Installer of the Air Scrubber Plus in St Louis MO

Looking to upgrade your indoor air quality and live in the St Louis or St Charles area?  Vitt Heating and Cooling is an authorized installer of the Air Scrubber Plus.  To set an appointment today, call our office at (314) 351-5580.